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Celebrate the power of music to unite at Celebra Grapevine with our flash mob! Embrace the infectious energy of Latino music and dance as we come together to create spontaneous moments of joy and connection. Don't miss out on this chance to experience the vibrant Latino culture —where music transcends boundaries and brings us all closer together!

Glorida Estefan Wepa Video Cover
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Photo Credit: Jesus Coredero


This infectious anthem, sung by the iconic Gloria Estefan, is not just a song but a testament to her illustrious career. Known as the "Queen of Latin Pop," Estefan has sold over 100 million records worldwide and is celebrated for her contributions to Latin music and culture.


"Wepa" itself garnered acclaim, receiving nominations for Best Dance Recording at the Latin Grammy Awards and Best Traditional Tropical Album at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Inspired by the exclamation of excitement common in Afro-Latin cultures, the song encourages everyone to let loose and embrace the spirit of celebration. "WEPA" is often used during moments of high energy, similar to saying "¡Bravo!" or "¡Viva!" in Spanish-speaking contexts. In music and dance, "wepa" is frequently shouted to encourage lively participation and to amplify the festive atmosphere.

Click here for the official video.

Practice with Us!

Rehearsals will be held:

September 21, 9PM

September 26, 6PM

October 3, 6PM

The Vine Events Center
225 W. Worth Street
Grapeine, TX 76051


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